4 Injured as Gas Cylinder Explodes in Afghan Capital

At least four people wounded after a gas cylinder exploded near the fifth district of Afghan capital, Kabul on Saturday evening.

The Killid Group
4 Apr 2021
4 Injured as Gas Cylinder Explodes in Afghan Capital

A gas cylinder exploded Saturday evening in a residential house on Khushal Khan area in the fifth district of Kabul city, said provincial police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz.

The wounded people were taken to hospital, he said.

Investigations into the causes and the damages of the explosion were underway, according to the spokesman.

Three months ago, at least five people were killed in gas explosion in the capital.

Every year, liquid gas cylinder explosions lead to injuries or even deaths besides damage to the buildings and setting them ablaze.

Improper use of gas cylinders, stoves or other gas appliances, lack of people’s awareness on its dangers and/or gas leaks in presence of flame are the main causes which result in explosions.


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