Female Medical Doctor Killed in Bomb Attack in E. Afghanistan

Security authorities in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province said a sticky bomb went off Thursday morning in Jalalabad city, killing a female medical doctor.

The Killid Group
4 Mar 2021
Female Medical Doctor Killed in Bomb Attack in E. Afghanistan

A sticky bomb attached to a rickshaw blew up near the third district of Jalalabad city today morning around 8:30 local time.

Gulzada Sangar, spokesman for the regional hospital in the province, said a female medical doctor working for maternity unit of the hospital was killed and a child wounded in the bomb attack.

Meanwhile, in an overnight incident, unknown armed men shot and killed as many as seven laborers who had been working for a gypsum factory in Sorkh Rod district of eastern Nangarhar province.

Local authorities confirmed but did not disclose further details.

There was no claim of responsibility for both attacks.

It follows Tuesday’s attack which claimed three female media workers in the province, sparking widespread condemnation.

The IS/Daesh group claimed responsibility.


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