Armed Men Kill 7 Workers in East of Afghanistan

Local officials in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar confirmed unknown gunmen have killed at least seven laborers in the province.

The Killid Group
4 Mar 2021
Armed Men Kill 7 Workers in East of Afghanistan

In an overnight incident in eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, unknown armed men killed as many as seven laborers who had been working for a gypsum factory in Sorkh Rod district of eastern Nangarhar province.

Jumagul Hemat, the provincial police chief, confirmed the attack took place in Marghondi area of the district, adding investigations were underway.

Four arrests were made in relation to the matter, he added.  

The attack comes as targeted killings and assassinations have soared in the province.

On Tuesday, an armed attack claimed three female media workers in the province, sparking widespread condemnation.

The IS/Daesh group claimed responsibility.

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