Cleric Shot Dead in Afghan Capital

A religious cleric was shot and killed Wednesday morning in the seventeenth district of Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul.

The Killid Group
3 Mar 2021
Cleric Shot Dead in Afghan Capital
Photo: Social Media

Mawlawi Faiz Mohammad Faiez, the former head of Kunduz’s Council of Ulema was killed after armed men opened fire at him Wednesday morning around 6:00 local time, provincial police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz confirmed.

The spokesman added that efforts were underway to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the murder.

The attack follows the assassination of three Afghan female media workers who were killed in an unclaimed armed attack Tuesday evening. 

A spate of targeted killings, often unclaimed, has gripped the country already torn by decades-long war, with Afghan government pointing the blame at Taliban to be behind.

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