Man Kills Wife for Giving Birth to Daughter

A man in the Afghan capital killed his 20-year-old wife after she bore him a child that was a girl.

The Killid Group
19 Dec 2020
Man Kills Wife for Giving Birth to Daughter
Kabul city. (Photo by: Social Media)

Afghan Ministry of Interior said a man in the ninth district of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul attacked her wife with a knife and killed her for giving birth to a baby girl.

He had managed to escape and had taken the baby with himself, according to the ministry.

Police are said to begin investigating and holding the perpetrator accountable, said the Ministry of Interior.

In a country, gripped with decades of war and bloodshed, women suffer violence in parts of Afghanistan.

Boys are seen as the breadwinners so there is a heavy cultural pressure on Afghan women to bear sons while the birth of a daughter is viewed as a burden.

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