Afghanistan: 3 New COVID-19 Related Deaths Registered

Afghanistan reported additionally 12 new cases of the coronavirus on Wednesday (September 28), bringing its nationwide case count to 39,239.

The Killid Group
28 Sep 2020
Afghanistan: 3 New COVID-19 Related Deaths Registered
Photo by: Nilofar Niekpor/TKG

The country lost at least three people to the coronavirus within the last 24 hours, said Masooma Jafari, a deputy spokesperson for the ministry of health, pushing the total fatalities in the country to 1,456.

According to the official data provided by the health ministry, totally 32,642 patients having been infected with the novel COVID-19 have got better after the illness.

Worldwide, at least 994,217 people have lost the battle for their lives and the total infections passed 32.9 million, a tally by Reuters COVID-19 indicated.

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