Writer: Sajia Yasin
13 Feb 2020

Taliban Key Commander Killed in Herat Air Strike

Taliban militants were killed in Afghan forces air raids. (Photo by: Social Media)

(TKG) — One of Taliban's key commander and five of his men were killed in Herat's air drone, officials told the Killid Radio.

Herat governor’s spokesman, Jilani Farhad told the Killid Radio that a key Taliban commander, Abdul Rahim Toofan and five of his men were killed in an airstrike by Afghan forces near Kohsan district of Herat province.

According to Mr. Jilani as saying, a car and a small amount of weapons were also destroyed in the airstrike.

He further said, these Taliban commanders had kidnapped highway engineers and were involved in several terror attacks.

The Taliban, however, have not yet commented on the incident.


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