Writer: Freshta Hashimi
22 Jan 2020

Injustice Prolongs War in Afghanistan

Sima Samar, the State Minister for Human Rights, said that the Afghan people are hoping for peace in the country, yet those who are seeking their interest in war do not want peace.

The State Minister for Human Rights said on Wednesday [January 22, 2020] in the occasion of "The Afghanistan Voice for Peace" hosted by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation and Afghanistan Policy Group that peace without justice is not sustainable and would lead to the continuation of war in the country.

In the meantime, Mohammed Fahim Dashti, Head of the National Journalists Union as well as Head of Afghanistan Policy Group, said that the findings of the reports indicated that almost 60% of Afghans are optimistic about peace in the country.

According to him, the report was based on a survey of 600 residents in six provinces, adding it mainly focused on six issues with the people, all of whom want a ceasefire in the country.

Leila Jafari, a prominent civil society and women's rights activist, as well, said that the Afghan government is ready for any positive outcome of the negotiations, adding that the peace agreement must be inclusive.

Hopes for peace in the country come as the Afghan government has always emphasized on a permanent ceasefire, calling it a prerequisite for the of intra-Afghan talks. 

However, the Taliban are negotiating with the United States about reduction of violence, but so far have said nothing about the ceasefire.


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