Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
15 Aug 2019

UK Provides Financial Aid to Afghan Elections

United Kingdom flag waving up in the air. (File)

KABUL (The Killid Group) – The United Kingdom on Thursday announced its financial contribution to support the delivery of Afghanistan's Presidential Elections due on 28 September.

The British Embassy in Kabul said in a statement that UK's Department for International Development (DFID) will make available up to £8 million to the UN Electoral Support Programme, which provides technical support to Afghanistan's Independent Electoral Bodies, according to report.

The statement further added this includes a planned contribution of £4 million to support preparations for the Presidential elections.

British Ambassador Alison Blake said "I am pleased that through this contribution the UK can continue to support Afghanistan's democratic process. The UK strongly supports elections in Afghanistan in order that the Afghan people can have their rightful say in the future of their country."

UK reiterates the importance of credible Presidential elections taking place, he added. Timely elections are another step towards a more stable and democratic future for Afghanistan.

"I welcome the Afghan Government's own financial commitments to the electoral process, which is key to long term sustainability, as well as the contributions from the international community," Blake said.

·         Allotted Budget for Elections Campaign Concerns Candidates

·         2019 Elections Budget Approved: IEC

It comes after the IEC estimated elections will cost $149 million – the Afghan government will pay $90 million of the amount while the remaining $59 million will be paid by the international donors.

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