Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
15 Aug 2019

Ferozi of Kabul Bank Freed in Exchange for Money: Nabil

Khalilullah Ferozi, the ex-CEO of Kabul Bank, accused of playing vital role in Kabul Bank’s bankruptcy and financial scandal, is freed from prison due to severe illness.

KABUL (The Killid Group) – Former Director of the National Directorate of Security Rahmatullah Nabil says Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has released top suspects of Kabul Bank scandal Khalilullah Ferozi in exchange for money.

Speaking of a credible source, Nabil claimed that President Ghani freed Ferozi after receiving $30m to his ongoing election campaign.

"According to a credible source @ashrafghani released Khalil Firozy one of the prime suspect of Kabul Bank scandal last week after contributions of USD 30 million to his campaign camp," he said in a tweet Wednesday.

"@ashrafghani was also part of SmartCity deal in which he fired his legal adviser M. A Mohamadi," he added.

However, Presidential Spokesman Sediq Sediqi described Nabil’s allegation as fraudulent, adding that on the basis of a team's decision consisting of judicial bodies and health officials, Ferozi's health was described critical, and is under surveillance at his residence.

Nabil's claim came after President Ashraf Ghani ordered the release of Khalilullah Frozi, the ex-CEO of Kabul Bank – who is accused of playing vital role in Kabul Bank's bankruptcy and financial scandal.

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