Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
14 Aug 2019

Taliban to Hold Direct Talks with Afghan Gov't after Elections

Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh (Photo: social media)

KABUL (The Killid Group) – Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish says the negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban will take place after the upcoming presidential election due on 28 September.

Danish, who supports President Ghani in his second bid, said the talks between the United States and the Taliban have completed, so direct negotiations between the Afghan government and the group will be held on 6th of Meezan (October 15, 2019).

The Second Vice President said next political system in Afghanistan, the Constitution and government-related issues have not been discussed with the Taliban yet.

"US Special Envoy [Zalmay Khalilzad] and the Taliban have only talked about issues relevant to the two sides… The Afghan government is one side of the negotiations in other topics," he said as Tolonews quoted.

Danesh added that peace deal with the Taliban should include Afghan dignity, and preserve the past achievements.

"People expect a peace that ends in dignity for the people of Afghanistan, enduring stability and security, and maintaining of the freedoms and achievements of the past 18 years," he said.

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Danesh remarks come after the US and the Taliban wrapped 8th round of talks on Afghan peace, where the group said they will hold direct talks with Afghan government in near future – after they ink final agreement with the United States.

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