Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
14 Aug 2019

Taliban Face Heavy Retaliations in Ghazni

Taliban pose for a photo. (File)

GHAZNI (The Killid Group) – Taliban group bore huge casualties in Ghazni province, after the Afghan security forces retaliated through heavy airstrikes and ground battles, local authorities said.

According to the statement by local officials sent to The Killid, in the first operation Tuesday night at Angoy of Nawa district, at least two Taliban killed and a motorcycle wrecked during airstrike.

While in second operation, during a ground battle between Afghan forces and the Taliban group at Jimjima of Maqar district, two Taliban killed.

Meanwhile, further two Taliban killed and seven other injured during the second ground battle with forces at Khonyan of Qara Bagh district.

Taliban immediately did not comment on the incident.

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