Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
14 Aug 2019

Afghanistan U-19 Football Team Grabs 4th Place

Afghanistan U-19 National Football Team. (Photo: Social media)

(The Killid Group) – Afghanistan U-19 National Football Team lost its fourth and final match against Iran by 2-0 on Tuesday.

The match was held in Tajikistan.

The Afghan team played four matches, with each against Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Its first match against Uzbekistan ended 2-2, while the second also concluded 2-2 against Turkmenistan.

Afghanistan lost its matches against Iran and host Tajikistan – both 2-0 in its rivals' favor.

The final match of the event will be held on Thursday between Iran and Tajikistan.

Afghanistan has two points in this competition has grabbed fourth place. Turkmenistan obtained the fifth position.

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