Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
17 Jul 2019

Afghan Commandos Bear Huge Losses in Badghis Clashes

An Afghan commando attends a ceremony in Kabul, Afghanistan. KAY M. NISSEN/NATO

BADGHIS (The Killid) – Afghan commandos bore huge losses in a battle with the Taliban insurgents Tuesday evening in Ab Kamari district of Badghis province in northwest, local authorities confirmed.  

Sayer Mohammad Mosa, member of the Provincial Council, told The Killid. "Tuesday evening Afghan commandos carried an operation at Maida Qel of Ab Kamari district, where security forces suffered heavy casualties due to lack of air support."

According to Mosa at least four commandos have been detained by the Taliban, and a number further killed.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Defense in a statement confirmed heavy losses of Afghan commandos in Badghis clashes, but did not provide further details or a figure on casualties.

Zayer Arif, an official at the Afghan National Army, told The Killid, "the battle in Ab Kamari district still ongoing, where heavy casualties are inflicted to the Taliban."

Furthermore, the Taliban in a statement said during the clashes at least 40 Afghan commandos have been killed and further 16 are detained.

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