Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
16 Jul 2019

Balkh Heatwaves Kills 20 Children

BALKH (The Killid) – Officials at provincial branch of Abu Ali Sini hospital reported some 20 children dead, as summer heat waves intensity over recent months.

Officials said intense heat has scorched the province for more than 30 consecutive days, breeding seasonal diseases among children.

On a daily basis, some 400 patients were being landed at Abu Ali Sina hospital, of which 100 with serious conditions admitted to emergency section.

Dr. Abdul Rauf Frough, pediatrician at Abu Ali Sina, said most of the patients – who could not survive – are admitted from Balkh outskirt, as their family were too late for checkups and admission at hospital. Most of the patients died due to respiratory diseases and diarrhea.

Every year, a huge number of children die during summer season in Northern Provinces of Afghanistan; this year the number increased among children, he added.

Meanwhile, Frough urged families to take extra care for children and keep them hydrated, as they need the most during burning seasons.


Jawad Nabi Zada of The Killid Group has contributed to this report.

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