Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
16 Jul 2019

4 Key Taliban Members Killed in Logar

Taliban group in North of the country. (File)

LOGAR (The Killid) – At least 22 Taliban insurgents, including four of their key members, killed during an operation by Afghan forces' special unit Monday night at Kamal Khail village of Mohammad Agha district in Logar province, Ministry of Interior Affairs said in a statement.

According to the statement, the key members are Qudratullah, Taliban military trainer; Naimatuallah, Head of the group targeting government employees; Habib Yaktan, key commander of the group and Habibullah, member of the Taliban military commission, who were killed during the operation.

At least one child was killed and a women wounded by Taliban during clashes.

Meanwhile, Taliban in a statement claimed Afghan forces carried airstrike against a mosque at Kamal Khail of Mohammad Agha district, killing 24 civilians and wounding further 10 people.

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