Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
18 Jun 2019

Egypt Ex-Leader Dies during Court Hearing

Former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi. (AP Photo/Tarek el-Gabbas, File)

Former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi, 67, died during a court hearing Monday, after languishing for about six years behind the bar.

His lawyer told the AFP news agency the former leader had been buried in eastern Cairo early on Tuesday morning with his family present.

"He was buried in Medinat Nasr, in eastern Cairo, with his family present," said Abdel Moneim Abdel Maksoud, one of his lawyers, as DW reported.

Morsi was on trial for espionage and had just addressed the court when he blacked out, reports said. He was taken to a Cairo hospital but could not be revived. Local media reports suggest that Morsi died from a heart attack.

Morsi was the country's first democratically elected president and a member of Egypt's most powerful Islamist group, the now banned Muslim Brotherhood.

He was ousted and detained in a military coup a year later following mass protests against his rule.

Morsi had been in custody since his removal from office in 2013.

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