Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
18 Jun 2019

Baghlan Clashes Light Oil Tankers

Oil tanker set on fire on Baghlan main highway. (Photo: Social Media)

BAGHLAN (The Killid) – During Clashes between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban insurgents, an oil tanker was lite up as battle intensified at Chashma Sher of Northern Province, officials said.

Ahmad Jawed Basharat, Spokesman for the local police, said to The Killid, "at around 9am today (Tuesday), Taliban attempted to seize some oil tankers still at Chashma Sher, but faced heavy retaliation by the Afghan security forces.

The Taliban retreated, heading through the main highway of the area, and the battle continued across the main road.

The main highway in north is halted for traffic due to heavy clashes, sticking hundreds of vehicles, big and small, in heavy traffic jam.

Meanwhile, Shafiq Mohammad, a passenger stock in traffic, said to The Killid, Taliban set two tankers on fire and are battling Afghan security forces at the area.

At least one tanker is secured and conveyed to a safe place, he added.


Jawad Nabi Zada of The Killid Group has contributed to this report.

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