Writer: Muhammad Arif Sheva
15 May 2019

Presidential Candidates Suggest Interim Gov't as Ghani Term Ends

KABUL – A huge number of presidential candidates Monday unanimously suggested interim government in Afghanistan as the "best option" to protect country's political system, after incumbent President Ashraf Ghani's term draws an end in May 22.

The suggestions come as Afghan politicians tend to fill the power gap from May 22 until the next leader that will be determined after 2019 presidential elections due on September 28.

But the candidates, in a declaration issued Monday, said continuation of the incumbent government's duty after May 22 is illegal and in contravention to the Constitution of Afghanistan.

Based on the declaration, the president and his deputies could continue until next presidential elections in a condition withdrawing from their bid as president.

But the Presidential Palace shielded, saying such a government violates the Afghan Constitution and that incumbent government will continue its work based on the directive of the court.

·        Supreme Court Protracts Ghani Tenure until Elections

This comes weeks after the Supreme Court of Afghanistan approved extension of President Ghani’s tenure until the upcoming presidential elections scheduled on September 28, beating his ending term in May 22.

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