27 Aug 2018

Taliban Released Four Bamyani Hostages

The Taliban group has released four inhabitants of Kahmard district of Bamyam province who were taken hostages nearly one month ago, local officials confirmed.

The Taliban militants have taken five residents of the district as hostages three weeks ago and one of the hostages was killed on the way to Roy Do Abb district of Samangan province.

Mahmood Sayghani, Kahmard chief district told Killid reporter that the four hostages were freed one nigh before the Eidul Ahda.

According to Sayghani, the hostages were beaten badly, insulted and humiliated.

The Taliban previously declared to release the hostages in exchange of five of their prisoners free by the government.

The five Taliban members were arrested by security forces a few months ago when they planned to attack an electoral zone in Jalat area of Kahmard district.

The Kahmard district of Bamyan has joint border with the insecure district of Tala, Barfak of Baghlan and Roy do Abb district of Samangan.

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