26 Aug 2018

U.S. Senator John McCain Dies at Age 81

U.S. Republican senator, former presidential candidate and the chairman of the Armed Services committee John McCain succumbed to an aggressive brain tumor on Saturday.

McCain had acknowledged back in July 2017, when his cancer was diagnosed, that his doctors gave him a "very poor prognosis."

According to a statement from his office, Mr. McCain died at 4:28 p.m. local time.

He had suffered from a malignant brain tumor, called a glioblastoma, for which he had been treated periodically with radiation and chemotherapy since its discovery in 2017.

McCain was a rare Washington figure who was liked and respected — for who he was. It made him a popular figure nationally, seen by the public as a man above politics.

But he was never quite popular enough to take the White House, leaving him in the Senate, where his bipartisan friendships, ironically, didn't serve him as well.

McCain was a two-time presidential candidate, losing the GOP nomination in 2000 to then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush and the general election in 2008 to then-Sen. Barack Obama.

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