Writer: Azizullah Popal
15 Feb 2017

Training of Education Department Personnel in Badakhshan

Local officials in Badakhshan said that hundreds of education department personnel along with students are learning English and computer programmes. They added that the learning programme is launched by Marcopolo, a social services and reconstruction organisation, in some districts of the province. Janagha Jaheed, executive director of Marcopolo, told Killid that the core aim of the learning programme was capacity building for education department personnel and school students. Jaheed added that some 200 personnel of education department including school children, teachers, and principals are learning English, computer, mathematics, and religious subjects in Baharak and Shahda districts. He further stated that most of the students are trained for free and some pay 50 percent of the fees. Some 170 students, most of whom are women, are learning holy Quran and religious subjects in Baharak district. Meanwhile officials at education department of Badakhshan appreciated cooperation of Marcopolo and reiterated that Marcopolo had donated computers, furniture, and learning materials to schools in the province earlier.

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