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The Killid Group

Crime hikes in Kabul, police blamed

Written by Naseer Behzad
Monday, 02 April 2012 09:28

Crime hikes in Kabul, police blamed Ruhullah Naqshbandy, 21, was shot dead in daylight outside his apartment in 3rd Marcorayon, one of the most populated areas in Kabul. More painful is the fact that the killer has managed to runaway and the police have no trace of him.
“It’s unbelievable that a criminal can murder a person in such brazen manner… it shows how immune they are from any rule of law,” Ehsan Naqshbandy, the bereaved father of Ruhullah, told Killid in an exclusive interview in his apartment.
Immediately after the murder took place, the victim’s family and neighbors reported the crime to the police. However, weeks later there is no clue or even a name for the criminal.
“If the police are so unable in restoring security, they should honestly tell us that criminals are ruling the city and we have to evacuate,” Naqshbandy said.
The young Naqshbandy’s murder is not the only criminal case in the Soviet-built Marcrorayon, which lays less than a mile away from the highly-secured US Embassy, ISAF HQ and Presidential Palace.
Armed robberies, kidnappings and other criminal activities are widespread and threaten almost everyone, according to several interviews conducted with residents.
Disappointed with security, some Kabul residents even accuse the police of either incompetence or complicity with criminal gangs.
“The police are hand in glove with the criminals and that’s why criminals operate in impunity,” alleged Kayhan.
Kabul police officials were not immediately available to share crime data for the last two years for comparison and analysis.
The existence of illegal armed groups has widely been referred to as a major source of insecurity.
“Many individuals illegally carry weapons and the police appear unable to stop them,” said Atiquallah Amarkhel, a Kabul-based security and military analyst.
Police officials in the ninth police station, which is responsible for the security of Marcrorayon, refused Killid’s request for an interview. However, Hashmatullah Stanekzai, a spokesman for the Kabul Police, confirmed to Killid that several police had been arrested on criminal charges and efforts were ongoing to purge the ranks from rogue elements.
“The police are fighting crimes everyday and there could be instances in which criminals manage to escape but it would be entirely incorrect to say that criminal gangs operate in a state of impunity,” said Stanekzai.
This maybe a realistic answer but hard to believe for Ehsan Naqshbandy.

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