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The Killid Group

Amo threatens Qarqin

Written by Hamed Nawabzad
Saturday, 18 February 2012 14:52

Amo threatens Qarqin Qarqin district in Jawzjan district could vanish if the Amo river is not tamed.
Water levels have risen in recent years because of alterations in the natural course of the river in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
The Amo has destroyed 80 houses and 200 jerib of valuable agricultural land, officials say. One jerib, a traditional measurement of land is roughly, 0.2 hectares.
Mohammad Nazar Naweed, governor of the district, told Killid he was very concerned about the devastation caused. Villagers from the banks of the Amo river have migrated to other areas, he added.
According to the governor, the embankments were strengthened but it has not been able to stop the river. Three villages of Khan Tepa, Khanareq and Shaghnareq are under threat. The worst affected was Khan Tepa, he said.
Similar destruction was reported from Kahmiab district. Mohammad Esmayeel, the caretaker of Khamiab district, confirmed the destruction. The villages of Sayed Esmayel, Nawabad and Darajeen could go under the water, he warned.
Local officials have urged the government to fortify the banks of the Amo.
Mohamad Raheem of Khan Tepa told Killid 50 families have been forced to leave the village after water entered their fields, and the government failed to provide any financial help. Raheem said his land has been inundated three times, and he now lives in the house of a relative.
Murad from Deenar village said the Amo has flooded all his, and he has nowhere to live.
Mawlawi Abdul Hai Hayat, the head of provincial council of Jawzjan, has expressed concern the river could take over Qarqin district. Steps have been taken to fortify the river's banks but it has not been effective, he added. The quality of the work was poor, he said. The local authorities could not supervise the construction since the contract was given by the central government.
Many families from the district have lost their only means of living to the Amo. Azizul Rahaman Aimaq, head of the Department of Preparation for Natural Disaster, said 40 families in Khan Tepa village, 27 families in Kohnareq and seven families in Deenar village were living on assistance including food and clothes provided by the World Food Programme among others.

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