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The Killid Group

Earnings up

Written by Ahmad Masoud Nekzad
Saturday, 26 November 2011 10:48

Earnings up Tax collections have gone up by 27 percent compared to last year, the director-general of the revenue department said in an exclusive interview with Killid.
Dr. Ahmad Shah Zamanzai, director-general said: "We have collected 47.5 milliard Afs (1,033 billion USD) in 6 months of this year but our revenues in six months of last years were 37 milliard Afs (805 million USD)." (A milliard is 1000 million)
There are three tax sources: customs, directorate of revenues, and various ministries for services rendered.
"This year the presidency of revenues collected 15.5 milliard Afs - last year the collected amount was 11.7 milliard Afs."
The financial offices in provincial governments collect direct and indirect taxes. This year the collection has touched 3.8 milliard Afs, compared to 2.4 milliard last year, which makes for an overall increase of 64 percent.
Zamanzoy explained that customs duties were over half of the country's earnings. "Revenues from customs were 21.3 percent last year, while in the first six months this year, the revenue was 24 milliard Afs - which shows 10.5 percent increase."

Mines and Timber
Meanwhile, the ministries raised 30 percent more revenue this year. The figure has swelled from 3 to 4 milliard Afs.
The increase was from mining and from timber earnings. "We have got 400 million Afs from mines and 600 million Afs from Kunar province wood (timber). A quick calculations shows the earnings of ministries will be almost 9 milliard Afs, two times the collection of last year."
The breakup of revenues from customs, taxes and miscellaneous receipts are as follows: taxes were 18.3 milliard Afs in six months; customs 14.9 milliard Afs; and, 3 milliard Afs from miscellaneous revenues.
Zamanzoy added, "The government has collected 12.8 percent revenues from our gross domestic revenue. If we compare these revenues with Pakistan's revenues of 11 percent, our production is less than our revenues." The Ministry of Finance has upped the revenue target to 15.5 percent in 2014.
The targets for this year meanwhile, according to the director-general, are separate for his department, the Ministry of Finance and IMF (International Monetary Fund). "Last year we collected 80.5 milliard Afs; the budget has specified the goal 93 milliard Afs for us while IMF has specified 98 milliard Afs. But our goal is 104 milliard Afs."
An estimated 65 percent of the budget every year is from domestic earnings, and 35 percent from foreign aid.

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