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The Killid Group

Supermarket dreams

Written by Mahbooba
Sunday, 18 December 2011 10:16

Supermarket dreams Nazir Ahmad is 11. He sells peeled carrots on a cart in Kart-e-Seh. He says he scrubs clean and peels 77 kgs of carrots that his father brings on his back from the wholesale vegetable market every day.
Nazir says he has been assisting his father for the last three years. Working together they are able to support the family at home, he adds.
"I have been selling carrots for three years. My mother, sister and small brothers are at home. Every day, after we've locked the cart, we buy some essential supplies for the family. My mother cooks that for dinner, and we all eat together."
How did I meet Nazir?
I was walking on a street in Kart-e-Seh when I saw a boy behind a cart piled with peeled carrots. His hands and face were red from the cold. He asked me, "How much carrot do you want?
I struck up a conversation with him. "Who else is working with you?" I asked. "My father," he replied. "He has gone to the city to bring carrots."

Good memories remain
He said the police hounds them, and sometimes they have to run with their carts to escape. "Sometimes the peeled carrots fall from the cart," he said, "which makes me very sad and upset."
"Besides that, many thanks to Allah, we earn in a respectable way. We can afford to pay for my school, and even for Eid, our earnings were sufficient. I was able to buy a pant and jacket. I will never forget it as long as I live."
I asked him that if he earned more would he buy more than 77 kgs of carrots? He said he would not because the cart was small, and the "weather is cold … it's difficult for me to wash more than the current amount. Also there is no demand for more carrots. I can sell only 77 kgs daily."
What would he like to do when he grows up, I asked Nazir. His reply was long and detailed. "I hope to have a big super market when I finish my school and get older so that neither my father nor I need to sell on the streets any more. I hope to have a comfortable and good life."

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