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The Killid Group

Students suffer

Written by Esmayeel Larawai in Paktia
Saturday, 22 October 2011 10:29

Students suffer Private schools are cashing in on the poor quality of public schools in Paktia. Absentee teachers and lack of facilities dog public schools.
Parents who have the money say they are willing to pay private schools. "My sons studied up to grade 5 at the Abdul Hai Gardezi High School. They had not learnt a thing," says a parent, Ehsanullah Khan, a resident of Gardez.
Now they are in a private school, he adds. "My sons could not even write their names. (Now) They have learnt a lot."
There are seven private schools in the province, five of them in Gardez. School managements ask traders to invest in schools. Gardez could do with more schools, according to Khan.
Hajee Sharif another resident of Gardez city has a similar story to tell. "There was no teaching in the government school, the boys were playing. Now they are in private schools. They have to study at home as well as in school."
Mohammad Ebrahim, a student at Ostad Mohammad Sidiq Rohi, a private school, also has complaints. "There was no order in my government school. No organised teaching. Sometime the teachers were absent and sometime the students were absent."
The private school, he adds, is "not like a government school, everything is in proper order."
Sajeda, another student in a private school, says, "I have learnt a lot in less time."
Engineer Khaled Rashed Yar, principal of Ostad Mohammad Sidiq Rohi, says private schools are particular about discipline and the curriculum. "We are very careful about attendance; the lessons are followed properly. We pay attention to the clothes and cleanliness of our students."
Rashed Yar added, "Schools that flout the rules can be derecognised."
The Ministry of Education prescribes the curriculum in all schools. Private schools pay a lot of attention to teaching the English language.
Eslamudin Mangal in the education department of Paktia does not think government schools are any worse than private schools. "There should be a difference between private and governmental schools, because the students spend money on private education while government schools are free."

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