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The Killid Group

Female commandos for night raids

Written by Fraidon Adel
Sunday, 05 February 2012 10:21

Female commandos for night raids

In a few months Afghan troops will be taking over night operations from NATO, says General Mohammad Zaher Azimi, spokesman of the Ministry of Defence.
Hundreds of troops including female commandos were being trained by US troops for night-time operations, he adds.
Night raids by the US and NATO have been a bone of contention between President Hamid Karzai and NATO, which has claimed it is critical in the fight against insurgency. Karzai has repeatedly called for an end to US night operations because of rising civilian anger over the aggressive home searches and high civilian casualties.
The Ministry of Defence says Afghan women in the ranks of security forces were willing to raid houses and interrogate female suspects. Males are prohibited from entering parts of the house that are exclusively the domain of women. Women soldiers have been enlisted in the Afghan special forces, which will have strength of 3,000 by 2014.
Will the inclusion of women make an all-Afghan night search more acceptable? Will it reduce the number of civilian losses?
The answer to the first is that it could help reduce opposition to night operations, but it is difficult to say whether Afghans will be less trigger-happy.

Civilian deaths
Abdul Ahmad Ahmadyar, a military expert, believes had women been included in night-raids from the start the strategy would have met with less opposition from civilians. However, an all-Afghan force may cause as many deaths since it could be as easily swayed by false reports about the presence of opponents of the government in homes targeted for raiding.
Night operations would succeed only if security forces are able to win the trust and cooperation of locals to identify exact locations of insurgent bases, says Waseq Hossaini, a lecturer at Kabul University.
According to ISAF figures, NATO killed at least 1,500 civilians in night-searches since 2010. There were roughly 90 raids between January 2010 and February 2011. A report by Inter Press Service news agency however estimates the number would be higher. If a third of the targeted insurgents were killed, the number of dead would be 2,844 and the total number of raids 6,282. US Special Forces have confirmed opening fire on civilians during night raids.


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  • Saturday, 07 April 2012 06:49 | ahmed
    Women commandos are also human beings. Once humans taste *power* , that power can be misused------even by women soldiers. It is in the nature of such military action that it is based on insider *intelligence * information. That assumes that one has a *MUKHBAR* or a worm who has infiltrated the opposite ranks. However, such infiltrator information may be wrong----sometimes deliberately wrong in a tribal rivalry system . Military action is no substitute for the genuine *political and social* solution, which the country of Afghanistan needs, urgently. Why should Afghan kill Afghans. Why should human beings *KILL* ? Does it solve any problems ? The myth of military solutions needs to be rethought, after our 30+ years of civil war. We need economic development and peace and harmony. Can inter-Afghan goodwill be created at the point of a gun ? NEVER !!!

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