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The Killid Group

Lost ground

Written by Sanatullah Teemor
Saturday, 26 November 2011 10:53

Lost ground More than a hundred members of the opposition who joined the peace process in Badakshan province have expressed reservations about the provincial government's commitment to solving the conflict. The loss of trust was the result of actions of "some of the authorities" that has resulted in continuing insecurity in the province.
Following the government's repeated promises to find a solution to the intractable conflict, more than a hundred opponents of the government had laid down their arms in the centre of Badakshan.
Mawlawi Abdul Hadi Jahed is the leader of the group of 100 former armed rebels who had joined the peace process led by former president, Burhanullah Rabbani (he was assassinated in Kabul in last September).
He said the group was disillusioned with the pace of the peace process, and may take matters into their own hands if the government continues to prevaricate on promises made to them. The government had promised them a place, he said. Neither has there been any attempt to push the peace process since Rabbani's assassination.
At the same time one of the residents of Darayem district told Killid in an interview, "If the people are dissatisfied, security situation will further worsen in the district. It will become a critical, war zone, and the responsibility will be the government's. "Mawlawi Abdul Hadi belongs to the district.

Unkept promises
However, Gen. Abdul Saboor Nasratee, the security commander, dismisses the charges leveled by Mawlawi Hadi. He clarified that many demands were met and their security is organised by the Badakhshan police. He explained that it was up to the provincial peace council to provide a proper place, and ensure no rent has to be paid.
Badakshan peace council head Qazi Sadullah Abomaani passed the buck saying it was beyond his authority to meet all the demands. "I did as much as I could and as much as was according to law. If they are rethinking their decision to join the peace process, then that is a separate issue," he said.
Provincial authorities in Takhar are faced with a similar situation of disgruntlement among opponents of the government who joined the peace process.
Neither the government nor opposition should make promises or demands that cannot be fulfilled.

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