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The Killid Group

Russian Footprint

Written by Killid Commentary
Monday, 08 November 2010 12:08

Russian Footprint

The involvement of Russian officials in a raid of drug labs in Nangarhar province on October 28 has enraged Afghan President Hamid Karzai who felt the raid was a violation of Afghan sovereignty. Not only the Russians, but those who invited them to participate in the raid are responsible.

The October 28 raid conducted by U.S. forces which included between 2 to 4 Russian officials, enraged President Karzai who said the raid was "a blatant violation of Afghanistan's sovereignty and of international laws". A statement issued by the Presidential office warned that "any repetition of such acts will prompt necessary reaction by our country."

Afghanistan produces more than 90 percent of the world's opium annually and over 200 million addicts use drugs worldwide. Russia is one the countries with a high rate of drug addiction. Some Russian leaders believe that U.S. forces are not doing enough to counter poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. Some time ago a Russian official said Americans had double-standards regarding this problem. The involvement of Russian officials in last week's raid in Nangarhar indicates that the U.S. is concerned about this criticism.

Although Karzai is resentful of Russian involvement in the operations, a statement from the Russian embassy in Kabul says that Russians took part in the operations after getting permission from Afghan counternarcotics police and did nothing illegal.

In the past nine years there have been a lot of illegal activities taking place in Afghanistan and the blame for some of it lies with President Karzai. The fact that Karzai and his chief of staff accepted cash from Iran created an outcry.

However many of the foreign and defence ministers and heads of states  prime ministers who have troops deployed in Afghanistan visit provinces in Afghanistan and return home without following any of the protocols normally required for visiting a foreign country.

The Afghan government has also been complaining about not being informed of the troop rotation by these countries and some of their operations in the country, but nobody cares to listen. Everybody does what they feel like doing without even consulting the Afghan government. There has been little criticism of the involvement of Russians in this recent raid. Responsible for this are those who invited the Russians to be part of the operations without the permission of the Afghan government.


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