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The Killid Group

Election confirmed the strength of Afghan Forces

Written by Shahir Zahine
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 15:38

Election confirmed the strength of Afghan  Forces

The Killid Group,, an Afghan independent, not-for-profit media organization set up the largest coverage of the Parliamentary election day through the on-field presence of more than 300 reporters in over 250 districts of 34 provinces in the country.

Today, we share our analysis of the Election Day, with our readers, listeners and viewers and explicate the feelings and stance of the Afghan Nation.


The 2010 election, held on September 18, is a success for the Afghan ownership of the process – its first, to date. The Independent Election Commission (IEC) - an Afghan institution - organized the elections; the security forces at the polling station were Afghan and despite many attempts by insurgents to disrupt the election it went on as planned and even better!

The participation, although low (close to 40%), is a clear signal that Afghans are not ready to give up their democratic rights (the insurgents had, for months before the election, announced they will not let elections take place and will punish anyone who participates, and so on). Nearly four million of the people who voted demonstrated that Afghans are ready to take risks and stand by their institutions.

Participation by women, in provinces like Kunar, Helmand and Nangarhar, is a sign that Afghan women are not ready to let themselves be shelved, once again, by the forces of darkness and ripped of their share of the political life of this country. The strength of the Afghan Security Forces who stood firm and prevented any major takeover of the process by insurgents is a major sign of positive progress since the last presidential elections.

The reason we choose to emphasize on positive achievements first, is that in the past months and recent years, western media have always emphasized the negative aspects or developments within the country and ignored the positive. No one can deny the extremely complex situation Afghans live in and the challenges they face daily. But, to systematically deny any progress in this country is not fair to those who struggle daily to keep it safe and together.

When Afghan women stand in a queue to cast their vote, it is positive, it is progress. When Afghan security forces stand firm against insurgent attacks and defend the electoral process, this is a sign of positive achievement and when IEC succeeded in making elections happen at all, this is a definite sign of progress.

Several things went wrong that day: logistic was one. The IEC and its support division were unable to provide adequate election tools (such as, indelible election ink and punching machine), the ballot papers were insufficient in several polling places and in the case of Bamyan they received ballot papers for Badghis! Second, the illegal campaigning – there were many reports of candidates or their representatives campaigning at the polling station before the voters went in and some continued to do so inside the polling station. The fraud, stuffed ballot boxes, IEC reps or candidate observers suggested who to vote for, and finally, the security setup.

Below is the list of security incidents that TKG gathered:

•    Kabul: District 7 at 06:00; an explosion of IED in Pul e Hassan e Gossala – one   injured

•    Logar:  Baraki Barak District, small arm fighting closed down 3 polling station

•    Laghman: Dara Noor District, armed fighting ongoing

•    Nangarhar: Jalalabad City, 3 explosion, Surkhrood district explosion,

•    Herat: Gulran dsitrict; fighting going on

•    Ghazni: Ajraestan District; armed attack on candidate Daoud Sultanzoi – two security guards killed

•    Paktika Province:

1.    Saroobi district: 5 election workers kidnapped

2.    Urgun Dsitrict; two IED explosion plus rocket attack; one civilian injured

3.    Yahyahkhel District; IED explosion and rocket attack, no casualties

4.    Sarhawza District; election materials not received due to road insecurity

•    Farah Province: Bala bolok District, fighting occurred

•    Kapisa: Alassai district; rocket attack killed 3 civilians

•    Logar: Mohammad Agha District: two rocket attacks without casualties

•    Laghman: Ali Sher district: rocket attack without casualties

•    Maidan Shar: rocket attack without casualties

•    Badghis province: Qades District: two FIFA observers kidnapped

•    Ghazni Province: Ajrestan District; Daoud Sultanzoi was not the target of the attacks and there were no casualties

•     Takhar Province: Kalafgan District: a suicide bomber in female clothes entered a polling station resulting in an armed fight

•    Kandahar: The governor’s convoy was targeted by an IED, inside a garbage collection point. Only the car was damaged

•    Nangarhar: Jalalabad: another IED within the garbage point was discovered and diffused

•    Logar: Baraki District in Baraki Rajan area; an attack on an ANA military post, fighting ensued but casualty figures are unknown

•    Baghlan: Pul e Khomri, the cement factory area; attack on a ANP post with one police casualty, fighting ensued, security forces could not keep control

•    Faryab: Almar District; one incident, one injured and one killed

•    Balkh: Chemtal District; fighting for 15 minutes, no casualty

•    Takhar: Yangi Qala: rocket attack on a civilian house – one killed


Voting incidents and reports:

•    Kabul

1.    Jamal Mina; punching machine not functioning

2.    Khairkhana: candidates’ observers coaxing voters; 6 from Quanooni

3.    Qala e Shada: Observers not allowed to enter the polling station

4.    Khalilula Khalili: polling station closed

5.    Bibi Mahroo school: more observers than voters, polls did not open on time

6.    Sharak e Khorasan: at 08:06, polling station unopened

7.    Chahrahi Qambar: 12 children voting

8.    Khairkahana: fake voting cards found

9.    Saorrbi district: punching machine not functioning

•    Panjsher: Dashtak polling station: punching machine not functioning

•    Paktika: Sharana District: more than 1000 fake cards found

•    Ghazni: overall problem of rigging


•    Kabul

10.    Daste Barchi: Head of the area brought a blind man and voted for his preferred candidate

11.    Faqir Fairozi High school: defect of the punching machine

12.    District 3: fake cards found

13.    Pul-e-Charkhi: Allah Gul Mujahed, a candidate, openly campaigned for himself, around polling stations

14.    District 3, Said Jamaluddin Middle School: Head of polling station signs the ballot paper instead of stamping

15.    Micro Rayon: Election ink not indelible

16.    Istalef District: 5 people holding fake cards arrested

17.    Karte She; Election ink not indelible

18.    Bini Hissar area: punching machine not functioning, presence of more observers than voters

19.    Hazara e Baghal; observers take candidates’ photos inside the polling stations

20.    Sultan Razia High School; a woman voted twice and the polling station in-charge was her accomplice

21.    Arzan Qymat: Malalai Ishaqzai distributed cash to buy votes at polling station

22.    Khairkhana: Election ink not indelible

23.    Deh Yahya: security and observers coax voters to choose candidates

24.    Panjsad family High School: observers for Mawlawi Aziz Mohammad Ahmadi, distributed fake voting cards, mostly to women

25.    District 10; underage voting going on

•    Bamyan: underage youth voting, candidates calling for votes at the polling stations

•    Nangarhar: Achin District: People complained about insufficient number of ballot papers

•    Kunduz: Ghazi High School: Observers of various candidates coax people to vote for their preferred candidates

•    Herat: Enjil District: Not enough ballot papers compared to the number of voters (3000 voter/600 ballot paper)

•    Kapisa: Kohestan District: not enough voters

•    Logar: Mohammad Agha District: Improved female participation in this district compare to the rest of the province

•    Ghazni, Malestan district: ballot boxes returned empty from polling stations

•    Kabul

1.    Paymonar Deh Sabz: polling stopped - IEC team accused of rigging elections

2.    Chelsetoun: punching machine not functioning

3.    Sultan Razia High school: head of polling station entered voting site and called for votes!

•    Panjsher, Astana: stamp not available

•    Laghman, city: Two candidates and their party members involved in a physical fight

•    Parwan; Bagram district: Ballot paper shortage

•    Kabul

4.    Jamal Mina Girl School: underage voters

5.    District 13: some of polling stations ran out of ballot paper

6.    Jamal Mina school # 19: fake voter card without photo

7.    Abdul Qader Bedel High School: General Sekandar Asghari, an election candidate cast his vote twice

8.    Charasayab: Media reports and eye witnesses accused Malalai Ishaqzai of distributing cash at polling stations to encourage votes in her favor and ballot box stuffing

9.    Bagrami District: Underage female voters

10.    Khairkhana: Ballot papers ran out, people waited in line

11.    Khairkhana poste Kachalou: Election ink not indelible

12.    Guldara District: Security forces chase reporters from voting sites. In the same sites, men voted with female voting cards

•    Parwan: Underage voters in Saidkhel district. People caste votes with others’ voting cards

•    Badakhshan: Election Ink not indelible. There were some cases of abuse of power by the candidates

Killid journalists were threatened in many parts because of their election coverage:

1) Fahim Haidari was threatened by supporters of Zahra Karimi, a candidate in Kabul district 13

2) Zia-ul-haq was caught in an armed battle between security forces and Taliban in Jalriz district of Wardak

3) Noor Agha Sultanzoy was not allowed by security forces to enter a voting center in Guldara District of Kabul.

4) Temor ( TKG volunteer reporter) was caught in a 3-hour armed battle in Kalfgan district of Takhar and the voting center was closed for 3 hours. He managed to report this incident to Radio Killid Kabul in live show

Erada daily also wrote a piece, dated September 21, about threats to Killid reporters on election day


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