Suspected Death: Worker in Bamiyan Dies after Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

A source in the provincial hospital of Afghanistan’s central Bamiyan province said a healthcare worker died after he received covid-19 vaccine.

Ishaq Akrami
1 Mar 2021
Suspected Death: Worker in Bamiyan Dies after Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

The man was named Zakeria, aged 28.

He had been working at Bamiyan provincial hospital as electrician for 14 years.

Ahmad Zia, the victim’s brother, said speaking to TKG that Zakeria had heart-related disease and on Sunday got inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine.

It wasn’t clear what caused his death, he said.

Zakeria was a resident of Sar Asiab area in Bamiyan’s provincial capital. He was married and had five children.

His family and friends remember him and his good behavior.

Local officials in the province, however, denies death of the man due to vaccination.

The person has died due to heart- and lung-related diseases and high blood pressure, Latif Azimi, spokesman for provincial governor, told TKG.

According to Mr. Azimi, a probing team has been assigned to investigate and find what had actually caused Zakeria’s death.

A number of healthcare workers received the COVID-19 vaccine on Sunday.

They describe post-vaccination time as saying that they develop a high fever and headache three or four hours after getting vaccinated and that lasts for about 12 to 24 hours.

It comes as Afghanistan last week began its COVID-19 vaccination drive.

The vaccination campaign against the coronavirus pandemic was launched on Tuesday, with representatives from healthcare, media and Afghan forces receiving the first shots.

The south-Asian country with a devastated healthcare infrastructure had received 500,000 doses of AstraZeneca/Oxford University vaccine developed by Serum Institute of India for low- and mid-income nations.

China has meanwhile pledged to donate 400,000 doses of the anti-disease vaccine to the country.

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