Doha Deal Anniversary: Khalilzad Arrives in Kabul

The U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad on Monday arrived in the capital, Kabul, and met with Afghan peace broker Abdullah Abdullah as peace efforts are underway in Doha.

Khairulbanat Sadat
1 Mar 2021
Doha Deal Anniversary: Khalilzad Arrives in Kabul
Photo: Social Media

Fraidoon Khwazoon, spokesman for the Afghan High Council for National Reconciliation, spoke to TKG, saying the U.S. top diplomat met with chairman of the peace council Abdullah Abdullah Monday morning.

The U.S. review of the Doha deal inked between the United States and the Taliban last year, speeding up the peace process, reduction in violence as well as achieving a political settlement through dialogue were the meeting deliberations, according to the spokesman.

The Taliban, meanwhile, claim it has delivered on its promises made in the Doha peace deal.

Naeem Wardak, spokesman for the Taliban political office in Qatar, said in a video footage shared on Twitter that the Taliban has remained committed to what it made in a peace agreement reached with the United States in Doha a year ago.

The U.S. troop downsize and its commitment to withdraw the remaining forces from Afghanistan, the release of Taliban prisoners, and in return, the Afghan government’s, were among the achievements of the deal, he said.

The Presidential Palace, however, has said in response that Taliban have wasted time and caused life and material damages.

Earlier, Mir Rahman Rahmani, Speaker of Afghanistan’s Lower House of Parliament, said in his trip to Tajikistan that the rise in Taliban violence and its preparation for fight have shattered hopes for peace.

Political analysts believe Ambassador Khalilzad’s trips to Kabul and other regional capitals could accelerate and facilitate the peace process.

Nasir Mosawi, an Afghan political expert, said speaking to TKG that Khalilzad’s trips carry an important message which can put an end to any concern about the peace process.

He added that U.S. peace envoy would share a part of Biden administration’s peace-related policy with countries in the region and the warring sides.

Latif Arash, another political analyst, on the other hand, said there would be no progress in the peace talks unless Biden’s policy is made clear.

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