Eight Killed in Afghanistan as Assassinations and Explosions Continue

The Afghan capital of Kabul began another day with sound of explosion amid roadside and sticky bombings continue.

Khairulbanat Sadat
3 Feb 2021
Eight Killed in Afghanistan as Assassinations and Explosions Continue

On Wednesday, February 3, a police vehicle was targeted by explosion near the fifteenth district of Kabul city.

According to police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz, the explosion took place around 8:03am [Afghanistan time], killing one policeman and wounding another three.

Early on Wednesday morning, a car bomb explosion targeted a security outpost belonging to Afghan forces in the provincial capital of southern Urozgan province.

At least five government soldiers were killed and another five wounded after the car rigged with explosives detonated.

In another incident, a religious cleric in Kandahar and a court employee in Jalalabad city were shot dead Wednesday morning.

Speaker and members of the Afghan Lower House of Parliament (Wolesi Jirga) in reaction to recent insecurities and targeted killings, however, say government authorities should be held accountable.

Hamidullah Hanif, Afghan lawmaker in the parliament, said that some certain circles who have broken into government and wheel and deal with foreign intelligence were behind targeted assassinations in the country.

Mir Rahman Rahmani, Speaker of the Afghan parliament (Wolesi Jirga), said in House’s plenary session on Wednesday that there was no result of investigations into dozens of terrorist attacks and targeted killings and have remained in state of ambiguity.

The government should be held responsible, he said, the public has the right to know who were behind these crimes.

On Tuesday too, four explosions rocked Kabul city.

According to reports, at least two civilians, including Mohammad Atif, Chief of Central Executive Council for Jamiat Eslah political party, were killed and two police officers and five civilians others wounded.


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