1,167 Human Rights Violation Cases Registered in Afghanistan: AIHRC

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and the National Examination Authority of Afghanistan (NEXA) on Wednesday shared their reports of 1399 fiscal year.

Khairulbanat Sadat
3 Feb 2021
1,167 Human Rights Violation Cases Registered in Afghanistan: AIHRC

Advocacy for peace, launching human rights training workshops, providing a clear approach for including victims of war in the peace talks, advocacy for human rights issues and for human rights violation cases were of the main activities of the commission in the last fiscal year.

Naeem Nazari, deputy chairperson of human rights commission, said on Wednesday at a press conference rolling out the government’s accountability program that more than 5,175 cases were registered by the commission in 1399 fiscal year.

As many as 1,167 human rights violation cases were registered during this period, according to Mr. Nazari, who added 540 of those cases were resolved.

The deputy chairperson of Afghanistan’s monitoring body added that based on its action plan and what it is authorized to do, the human rights commission has continued its monitoring activities during the 2020 year.

The commission has visited detention centers, prisons and corrections facilities 551 times, he continued.

Officials in the National Examination Authority of Afghanistan (NEXA) meanwhile said the authority has run nearly 500,000 exams in last fiscal year despite the pandemic and security threats.

Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday, Abdul Qadeer Khamosh, head of the Afghan examination authority, said in the last fiscal year, the government agency for the first time developed a database for the students of private universities.

Using the database, students’ data will precisely be provided to the Ministry of Higher Education, he added.

The government accountability program began on January 20 and will continue through February 28.

During this period, nearly 70 government agencies are providing their reports of the 1399 fiscal year.


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