Delegation to Probe into Behsood Incident Arrives in District

Office of the second vice president said a government delegation to investigate into Behsood deadly incident on Monday arrived in the district.

Eshaq Akrami
2 Feb 2021
Delegation to Probe into Behsood Incident Arrives in District
Photo: TKG

Speaking to TKG, Mohammad Hedayat, press official in the office of second vice president, said a 13-member government probing team from five government agencies and another eight from elders, provincial council and clerics on Monday arrived in Behsood district of central Maidan Wardak province.

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The delegation is set to untie the knot between government and residents of Behsood district and probe into the deadly incident, during which many were killed and wounded.

A people’s delegation formed in Afghan capital meanwhile visited Bamiyan yesterday and urged the probing team for a thorough and fair investigations into the matter.

Murad Ali Murad, former deputy defense minister, who is a member of the delegation said at a press conference in Bamiyan the government should hunt down the perpetrators and resolve the issue.

Residents of Behsood however said government forces have held many as hostages in the district police headquarters. They want the hostages to be released.

On Friday, January 29, residents of Behsood district gathered in front of district headquarters, but the peaceful protest turned violent, killing eleven and wounding 25 others.

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