Rise in Sticky Bombings in Afghanistan Intelligence Failure: Military Experts

Amid an increase in sticky bombings in Afghanistan, two explosions caused by magnetically attached IEDs or sticky bombs rocked Afghan capital on Monday.

Mansoor Yousufzai
1 Feb 2021
Rise in Sticky Bombings in Afghanistan Intelligence Failure: Military Experts

The first explosion targeted a car belonging to Khoshnood Nabizada, chief of staff for the Afghan State Ministry for Peace Affairs who is also Director of the Kabul-based Khaama Press news agency, but it left no one hurt.

However, in the second sticky bomb attack which took place in seventh police district of the capital, two people, including a civilian, were killed and another one who was a police officer was wounded.

The apparent increase in sticky bombings has sparked concern among residents of Kabul.

Sound of sticky bomb explosion has been their alarm clock; they wake up and begin the day hearing this sound.

The residents call on government and security authorities to put in place serious measures in bids to prevent sticky bombings.

Military experts however say the increase in magnetic IED explosions is a failure in Afghanistan’s intelligence, adding anti-government elements have broke into government security agencies and that has made authorities unable to prevent such attacks.

Tahir Yarghal, Kabul-based military expert, says the government is required to step up intelligence and operative efforts to help control the situation. But security officials in provincial police chief claim their efforts are underway to keep the situation under control, adding they have captured dozens of bombers within past few months.

Speaking to TKG, police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz says people’s concern on the increase in magnetic bombings is understandable, but during the last one month, at least 13 sticky bomb plots had been foiled.

Amid wave of targeted assassinations, sticky bomb explosions have also soared in the country long been gripped with war and violence.

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