MPs React to House Speaker’s Remarks on Interim Government

Mir Rahman Rahmani, Speaker of the Afghan Lower House of Parliament (Wolesi Jirga), in the first meeting of the 21-member committee set up to involve the House directly in the peace talks said he had received a draft of interim setup and hailed it since what he had accessed to supports the current system and the National Assembly.

Moqadas Hashimi
1 Feb 2021
MPs React to House Speaker’s Remarks on Interim Government
Parliament of Afghanistan. (Photo: Google)

But the Speaker’s remarks prompted a wave of criticism from members of the Afghan parliament.

On Monday, Afghan lawmakers in the House of Representatives (Wolesi Jirga) criticized Rahmani’s speeches and said he, representing the MPs and the house of people, cannot have such remarks.

Speaking at House’s plenary session on Monday, Nader Katawazi, member of the parliament, called Rahmani’s remarks irresponsible and against Wolesi Jirga’s principles and the Republic.

People and their representatives want the Republic to be preserved and stand against any anti-state plots, he said.

Mariam Samaa, another lawmaker in the Lower House of Parliament, also reacted to Speaker’s comments.

She accused him of abusing power as Speaker of the House and urged the Wolesi Jirga’s peace committee to be abolished.

The Speaker, however, said at the session that he supported the interim government proposal for the support of National Assembly and protecting the current state.

But there were needs for a comprehensive and countrywide acceptable plan, he continued.

Peace talks have become stalled since two weeks.

The Wolesi Jirga has called for the resumption of negotiations and return of Taliban at negotiating table. It has emphasized that it opposes the Taliban and other groups trying to gain upper hand in the peace process.

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