Afghanistan’s Death Toll from Coronavirus Jumps to 2,354

The death toll from an outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Afghanistan has jumped to 2,354, the health ministry said Tuesday.

The Killid Group
19 Jan 2021
Afghanistan’s Death Toll from Coronavirus Jumps to 2,354
Credit: Nilofar Niekpor/TKG

The total number of coronavirus cases in Afghanistan rose to 54,278 after 137 tested positive for the disease, said the Afghan Ministry of Public Health.

According to the health ministry, announcing the cases on Tuesday, as many as 137 new cases of infection with the COVID-19 and eight new deaths were registered within the last 24 hours.

The health ministry’s official further said that with new deaths, the country’s total COVID-19 fatalities hit 2,354.

Another statistic also indicated a rise: as many as 46,554 patients have recovered after 143 patients got better.

Some 2,097 tests were processed during the past 24 hours.

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