Violence in Afghanistan Soars amid Second Round of Peace Talks

War and violencem in Afghanistan surge day by day even as the Afghan government and the Taliban have launched the second round of peace negotiations in Doha, with the Afghan government saying a ceasefire will be the most substantive issue in this round of talks.

Moqadas Hashimi
16 Jan 2021
Violence in Afghanistan Soars amid Second Round of Peace Talks

Most recently, two members of the Afghan security forces were killed after a car rigged with explosives detonated in the Afghan southern province of Helmand.

A day earlier, at least 16 government forces were killed in Taliban attacks in Ghazni, Kunduz and Kandahar provinces.

Najia Anwari, spokesperson for the State Ministry for Peace Affairs, said discussions over details of the agenda of peace talks were underway and the negotiating team representing the Afghan government has been holding internal meetings to prepare and sort out the contents of the agenda.

According to her, Islamic Republic’s negotiators were fully ready to further discuss the items of the agenda.

Afghan lawmakers in the Lower House of Parliament’s plenary session meanwhile sought ramping up efforts for peace talks.

House Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani said on Saturday’s plenary session the second round of peace negotiations have been kicked off as both hope and fear are growing.

The war-torn nation expects the peace negotiation teams of the two sides to reach an agreement over the agenda of peace talks and a agree a roadmap for ending violence in the country long been gripped with war and bloodshed.

The level of American forces in Afghanistan has been downsized to 2,500 amid Afghanistan is witnessing high levels of violence.

Afghan military experts however believe whether the U.S. troops stay or leave Afghanistan, it would not affect the ongoing conflict.

Speaking to TKG, General Sadiq Shinwari, Afghan military expert, said American troops train government-backed forces.

U.S. military pull out would have no affect on rise or reduction in violence and the government can train its forces seeking assistance from country’s own experts, according to him.

As the second round of peace talks begun in the Qatari capital of Doha, hopes over reduction in violence grew among the war-torn nation, but with every passing day, it is becoming more deadly.

A question remains to be answered: will the continued negotiations bring the war to an end?

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