Clashes in Kandahar Ends with 4 Assailants Killed

Local officials in the Afghan southern province of Kandahar said early Saturday morning, a car bomb explosion targeted a compound belonging to national security forces in Daman district of southern Kandahar.

The Killid Group
16 Jan 2021
Clashes in Kandahar Ends with 4 Assailants Killed
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The car bomb attack was followed by gunfight in the district, targeting a facility belonging to NDS forces and ended with four assailants killed, the provincial police chief Farid Ahmad Mashal spoke to TKG.

The attackers first set off a car bomb then opened fire, said Mr. Mashal.

According to the police chief, at least one NDS soldier was killed and another one wounded in the attack.

It took several hours for the government forces to put an end to the clash, with Mr. Mashal saying the forces got busy clearing the area from placed bombs. A vehicle loaded with explosives was demolished during the operation, he continued.

The government officials pointed the blame at Taliban, but the group has yet to comment.

No armed group has so far claimed responsibility.

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