Terrorist Attack at Kabul University Leaves Dozens Killed, Wounded

The Islamic State in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the attack at Kabul University—the IS affiliates’ second assault on an educational institution in just over a week.

Mohammad Fasih Mutawakel
3 Nov 2020
Terrorist Attack at Kabul University Leaves Dozens Killed, Wounded
Aftermath of Kabul University attack. (Photo: Nilofar Niekpor/TKG)

The terrorists entered the university campus exactly at a time students were studying inside their classrooms.

Saifullah, a guard at a compound in Kabul University—one of the country’s largest educational institutions—remembers what took place in the terrorist assault on his university.

“…We had five classes. I cannot say how many have been killed or… We had two classes belonging to the Faculty of Law and two from Public Policy and Administration,” Saifullah says. “It is not clear how many have died and/or survived.”

The attack on Kabul University was the second on an educational center in Kabul city in just over a week.

Last week, a suicide bomber killed and wounded more than 50 people at Kawsar-e Danish education center in the Afghan capital. The Taliban denied to claim responsibility for that attack.

Although the government forces announced they put an end to the hours-long clashes with all the three assailants eliminated, students at Kabul University accuse security officials of bungling.

“We call on the government to put pressure on officials to ensure security,” one of the protesters says.

Scores of protesters gathered outside Kabul University Tuesday, a day after the fatal attack. Such attacks take place because the government takes a weaker stand in the peace talks, they believe.

They say giving the Taliban the opportunity to score the highest has encouraged the group to carry out such crimes.

Afghan peace talks opened on September 12 after nearly two decades of bitter war. These talks were expected to end the long-decades of war and bloodshed, but the situation in the country deteriorates day by day.

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