Taliban Ambush Kills Dozens in Northern Afghanistan

Dozens of government forces, including their senior officer, were killed in a Taliban ambush took place in northern Afghanistan.

The Killid Group
21 Oct 2020
Taliban Ambush Kills Dozens in Northern Afghanistan
Photo by: Social Media

Armed Taliban last night attacked on security forces in Baharak district of Afghanistan’s northern province of Takhar, police spokesman Khalil Aseer confirmed.

The Taliban attack triggered clashes with Afghan forces in the area, inflicting heavy casualties to government troops, said the spokesman.

A deputy police chief of the province, named Raz Mohammad Doorandish, and a number of Afghan forces were killed in the incident, said the source, without providing details on exact number of casualties.

Health officials in the province meanwhile said as many as 34 dead bodies and eight people with injuries were taken to the provincial hospital.

Country’s Interior Ministry also confirmed the incident, expressing sorrow over the death of government forces.

The Taliban have not commented yet.

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