Boy, 24, Commits Suicide in Afghan Capital

A 24-year-old carpenter hanged himself to death in the eleventh district of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, said police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz.

Moqadas Hashimi
8 Oct 2020
Boy, 24, Commits Suicide in Afghan Capital
Kabul city. (Photo by: Social Media)

The young carpenter hanged himself at his shop on Thursday morning. The police said the motive for the suicide was not known.

According to the police spokesman, the young man had completed a semi-higher education as well.

Hamed, who was said to be the victim’s neighbor, told TKG that he had known the young man for the last few months onward and their shops were next to one another.

Psychologists however say the major causes contributed to youth suicide are to be financial distress, unemployment–and in some cases–families’ forces.

Zarakhsha Diana, an Afghan psychologist in one of the capital’s clinics said in her interview with TKG that other than poverty and unemployment, personal problems and family forces can also contribute to the rise in suicide among the youth.

She reiterated on the role of families and media, saying media can keep families informed about how to treat with the young adults—whether through campaign or programs.

The Forensic Medicine Directorate did not respond to a request for comment.

The cause of most suicides in the war-torn country contributes to poverty and unemployment.

Currently, 41% of eligible people in Afghanistan are facing unemployment.

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