Afghan Gov’t Offers Talks with Taliban without Preconditions

The prisoner swap is said to be the only remaining obstacle in the path toward peace, according to the Afghan peace council, which hopes with a completion of prisoner release process the talks will begin. The Afghan government, however, said on Tuesday, July 21, that it offers the Taliban to come to a negotiating table without any preconditions.

Mohammad Fasih Mutawakel
21 Jul 2020
Afghan Gov’t Offers Talks with Taliban without Preconditions
The Presidential Palace, Kabul. (Photo by: Social Media)

The prisoner exchange process still remains a major sticking point to the start of peace talks, said Fraidoon Khwazoon, a spokesman for the council of national reconciliation. The issue which will lead to a quick start of intra-Afghan peace negotiations must be resolved as quickly as possible, he continued.

Sediq Sediqqi, however, said addressing to media that the government has no preconditions to the start of direct negotiations. The responsibility lies with the insurgent group, he said.

Taliban is at odds with their commitments, the presidential spokesperson said addressing a press conference today, July 21.

On the other hand, political affairs experts believe Afghan officials’ disputes and the Taliban’s tricks have risen obstacles in the way of the stalled peace process.

The Taliban play a double game in the peace process. In fact, they are looking to overthrow the government, said Sayed Nasir Mosawi, a political analyst. Disputes between Afghan officials is also a hurdle on the way toward starting peace negotiations.

Earlier, the global community, the United States and the European Union have recently voiced concern over the delay in the starting intra-Afghan dialogue and called on the warring parties to begin this process at the soonest possible.

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