New Page of War in Afghanistan

Although it was expected that a mutual agreement between the Taliban and the United States would lead to a reduction in violence; however, not only the hostilities were minimized but there has been a surge in civilians targeted killings.

Mohammad Fasih Mutawakel
4 Jun 2020
New Page of War in Afghanistan

The deadly suicide bombing in a mourning ceremony in Nangarhar, the attack on a RSF’s maternity hospital in west of Kabul and the recent suicide attack on Wazir Akbar Khan Mosque have fostered mistrust and uncertainty among people and shattered their hopes for peace in Afghanistan.

It was expected that after the Taliban group’s joining a peace process, Afghans would no longer witness civilian casualties, but the armed group has acquitted itself from being involved in recent attacks, and other militant groups claimed responsibility.

Afghan political affairs analysts, however, believe that Afghanistan has turned a new page of war.

Farid Sailani, a political affairs expert, mostly Ulema and pro-state figures as well as the people who favor democracy are the main victims terror attacks in the war-torn Afghanistan.

A continued violence would negatively impact the Afghan peace process and provoke people to hate the relevant sides, Sailani says.

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaen, another expert in political affairs and a university lecturer, says the Afghan leaders being busy in team-favored appointments is a principle reason for the continued war and the disputed peace talks.

According to him, there are inner and outer circles trying to push the country toward a new war.

The Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI), however, says it has begun investigations into the attack on a mosque in Wazir Akbar Khan area—something which is always said by security officials.

Tareq Arian, a spokesman for the ministry of interior calls the attack on the mosque against religious values, adding investigations into the attack are ongoing.

In a suicide attack on Wazir Akbar Khan mosque on Tuesday’s evening, the Imam of the mosque and a prominent religious figure, Dr. Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, lost his life after severe injuries.

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