Tourists Prohibited from Entry to Bamyan to Help Curb Spread of Coronavirus

Traveling to the central Bamyan province was banned as coronavirus grows rapidly in the country.

Ishaq Akrami
28 May 2020
Tourists Prohibited from Entry to Bamyan to Help Curb Spread of Coronavirus

Atiqullah Atiq, Administrative and Financial Deputy in Bamyan province acknowledged to The Killid Group that a committee in the province to fight the novel coronavirus has imposed travel restrictions and banned gatherings in the historic and cultural sites as the virus is spreading rapidly across the country.

As he maintained, the Saighan district of the province has been put under quarantine and stay-at-home regulations have went into effect in the district. No one is allowed to move to the district, Atiq continued.

Since one and half months, daily curfews and lockdown restrictions have been imposed in the central province of Bamyan, yet the residents of the province are not following them.

According to the latest data provided by the health department in Bamyan province, as many as 60 people have been infected with the disease as of today, and a patient having been contracted has died of the deadly illness.

Husain Waez Zada, a shopkeepers’ representative in Bamyan’s Band-e-Amir told The Killid Group’s reporter that hundreds of hotel owners, photographers, and other workers have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

He urged the Afghan government to create more jobs to sustain people’s livelihoods.

Experts consider tourism as a major source of income in the province.

Reza Ebrahim, a tourism instructor in the Bamyan University said that the residents of the province have been unprecedentedly hit hard by coronavirus and the imposed restrictions.

Every year, some two up to three hundred thousand tourists from in and out of the country visit the central Bamyan province.

A month ago, officials in the province acknowledged that there has been a decline by 1.7 billion Afghanis in the incomes of the province.

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