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22 Apr 2010

Kabul Rock Radio

Kabul Rock

Kabul Rock, FM 108, is not only Afghanistan's but the entire regions (Central Asia, Iran, South Asia and Gulf) only 24/7 station dedicated to the promotion of rock, alternative music and indie rock. The station started testing its signal a year ago and was officially launched with live programming and music during Afghanistan's Nawroz celebrations in March of 2010.

The station was first conceived by Melek Zimmer-Zahine and Shahir Zahine of DHSA/TKG as a means to fulfill their own desire and that of their teenage children to hear rock on the Afghan airwaves.

Once launched, the station quickly attracted a wide following, with both Afghans and foreigners in the community tuning into the station daily.

Melek and Shahir also believe that music and art, even rock music, is an essential ingredient for peace and development in Afghanistan.

The station is lucky to have the young men from Afghanistan's biggest rock band, Kabul Dreams, manage the station giving it the heart and soul every rock radio station needs.

DHSA/TKG is proud to have recently sponsored Kabul Dreams first CD release, "I Wanna Run Away" as well as one of their concerts in Kabul.

As such, Kabul Rock's goal is to make a wide range of rock music available to new and old listeners on Afghanistan's radio airwaves while also promoting up and coming Indie Rock music artists such Kabul Dreams in Afghanistan and beyond.

In the months ahead and year ahead, we will strive to improve the stations playlist and talk-programs as well as profile the music of rock and indie rock artists from Pakistan, the Stans, Gulf and throughout the Middle East and Muslim World as a means to support the freedom of expression and creativity of the region's vastly young populations.


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  • Kevin

    I used to listen when I was working in Kabul and I loved the east /west music mix of cultures!

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